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The way of Zuzana Ondris

from Face gymnastics to Face yoga

Face gymnastics is part of Face yoga

Want a rejuvenation of your face, but you are not an advocate of plastic surgery? Are you afraid of tipping or injection? So for you facial gymnastics it is the right choice! Regular exercise can achieve firmer facial contours, fuller lips and also firmer cheeks. The effect of such an exercise is prolonged, which is a big advantage compared to injections of fillers and Botox.

Facial gymnastics does not entail any risk, it takes the same strength, strong will and courage; just like any other exercise. If you are one of those who regularly visit fitko or dedicated to other regular exercise, you have an advantage because you are used to regularity. Exercise shape or facial gymnastics, is a complex type of exercises to train the muscles of the face and facial expressions. A regular exercise will achieve decrease wrinkles, firmer cheeks, lips fuller, more beautiful neck, and also a stronger chin. Other positive results include the elimination of double chin and around the eyes.

Facial gymnastics and its benefits

Thanks, facial gymnastics! There are so many benefits which include the improvement of the functions of the lymph to the face and neck. The skin becomes brighter, clearer and more flexible. When exercises are repeated, it stretches and relaxes the muscle; thereby muscles partially handled for bleeding and consequently improve blood circulation oxygenated blood. This causes the regeneration process by which the muscle stiffens and gives its flexibility. As you may already know from other physical assets, the only active physical activity can maintain the flexibility and strength of muscles. This also applies to facial gymnastics.

The advantage of facial gymnastics is that it is for everyone regardless of sex or age. It is a natural form of prevention and elimination of wrinkles; it also helps you keep your skin young and healthy. It is no longer news that for over 25th years, there is a slow, slight muscle wasting; the sooner you start, the better for you. Prevention is still the most efficient way to eliminating problems!